1 month post (Hair Journey)

Hi everyone !!!! On Monday the 20th marked my 1 month anniversary of my hair journey woop woop ! Lol. So far I’ve been enjoying this journey and have been testing different products out with my hair and learning more and more everyday about hair care. I’ve been consistent with my regimen and really happy with the results I’m seeing ! A lot of my breakage and shedding has stopped (thank you Jesus 🙏). I have really fell in love with the Organix coconut instant repair. It makes my hair feel soooo soft and I don’t see any shedding while using this product👌👍also black tea rinses have helped stopped the shedding as well ! Using a lot of natural products like coconut oil, grape seed oil, an egg for my protein treatment have been great for my hair. Today is a co wash and deep conditioned day and will keep y’all posted soon with more hair updates :-)


Self Relaxing

Yesterday I decided to relax my own hair by myself for the very first time !!!!! I was so nervous lol I’ve always gone to a professional for a relaxer but I wanted to save money and decided to do it myself. After watching some YouTube tutorials on how to self relax I said to myself “self relaxing doesn’t seem that hard, I can do this”. I used Organic Root Stimulator no lye relaxer in normal and did read the directions that came in the box as well just to be extra careful. Relaxer is a strong chemical for your hair and the last thing I would want happening is my hair falling out from a self error. Yikes 😁😳 Anyways with that being said I am really proud of myself because the relaxer came out really well and I could feel my scalp again woohoo !!!!😊😃☺ Then I proceeded with a deep condition treatment and I used ORS replenishing conditioner. Left that in my hair for 2 hours, rinsed it out, air dried, moisturized and sealed my hair with Haitian castor oil and wild growth hair oil. So this weekend or early next week,I plan to do a protein treatment. Hopefully I find some time to do that. Also I did order Organix coconut milk instant repair treatment from Amazon so I can’t wait to tryout my deep condition treatment with that and do a blog post review on the product. Also I have been experiencing some shedding :( 😔 so I am going to try a black tea rinse and see how the rinse responds to my hair and hopefully stops the shedding ! Will update y’all soon in another blog post, have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading ! 😃


Hair Journey Update (protein treatment)

Hello everyone ! I wanted to update you guys on my hair journey and what I have been doing with my hair lately. So last Friday I did a protein treatment and I used Organic Root Stimulator’s Hair Mayonnaise. I also added some Haitian castor oil, wild growth hair oil, and Argan oil into my mix of protein. Massaged and added my protein mix to my hair and roots. Then I put a plastic cap on and sat under the dryer for an hour. After I got out I left the cap on for about another 2-3 hours and then finally rinsed out the protein treatment, and washed my hair with the mane and tail conditioner. I did like how the hair mayonnaise treatment/conditioner made my hair feel while it was wet but I did have a lot of new growth and haven’t relaxed my hair in months so the texture wasn’t super super soft. After air drying my hair felt rough so I did add wild growth hair oil and aphogee keratin & green tea restructurizer into my hair/roots so it could be manageable to comb through. Then I went to my friends salon and she added some clip in extensions for me and that has been my protective style lately

Here’s another pic ! She had food in her mouth trying to smile lol I love her hair !!!!

Here’s another pic ! She had food in her mouth trying to smile lol I love her hair !!!!

My Bambina’s hair after a twist out ! She has so much hair lol and she dislikes getting it done

My Bambina’s hair after a twist out ! She has so much hair lol and she dislikes getting it done


Deep Condition and Co wash Day

Hey everyone ! Yesterday I did a deep condition treatment to my hair using Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. I added 3 oils to my deep condition mix (see picture above) and mixed it together and just spread the mix throughout my entire hair. Also I did spread the mix section by section. I sat under the dyer for about 50 minutes with a plastic cap on, I couldn’t stay under the dryer any longer because I started to get really hot lol. After getting out the dryer I left the plastic cap on with the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque in my hair for about 3 more hours. I was roaming around the house and doing errands. Around 8:30pm I rinsed the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque out and proceeding with a co wash. I co washed my hair with Suave coconut moisturizing conditioner. I  really liked the smell of it btw. After I let my hair air dry for about an hour an half. I didn’t really like how the Shea Moisture Masque Treatment made my hair feel, I thought it would of made my hair feel softer but it actually felt rough. After doing some research and the Shea Moisture Masque Treatment is mainly for girls with natural hair and doesn’t really work well with relaxed hair, so I am just going to use it on my bambina’s hair since her hair is natural and curly. After my hair was completely dry, I moisturized and sealed my hair with ORS hair moisturizer and wild growth oil to seal it. As for a protective style, I braided my hair and wrapped my hair with a hair scarf. Look above and you can see the products I used !!!! I am really excited about this hair journey and can’t wait to see the progress of my hair growth :-))) Thanks for reading until next blog post. Bye !!! :-))

FYI: the 3 oils I used were Argan Oil Treatment, Ril Maskati (home remedy oil), and Wild Growth


Joanne’s Hair Journey

Hello everyone this is my first blog post on my hair journey that I have decided to go on. On July 20th I made a huge decision and decided to do a BIG CHOP 💇 to my hair. I was experiencing major shedding, dry scalp, split ends, and damage to my hair. It was pretty depressing to see my hair in that kind of state. I’ve always had healthy hair. So I did some research, mainly on YouTube and watch videos of girls who had the same experiences I am/was going through with my hair right now. I was blown away with the after pictures of the amount of growth these ladies hair had grown from going on hair journeys. I said if these ladies can achieve major growth to there hair by taken care of it, so can I. Throughout my adolescent years I’ve never really did my own hair, I have always got it done at salons. Watching the videos on YouTube a lot of these ladies took care of there own hair without going to a salon. I’ve researched products I’ve seen them use and a lot of these girls mentioned protein treatments, deep condition treatments, and weekly co washes. I’ve never really done anyone of those things to my hair. I would just get my typical wash and sets every 2 weeks at a salon and relaxers every 2-3 months and that was about it. I would only oil my scalp once a week and wrap my hair at night. I used a lot of heat to my hair by blow drying and flat ironing my hair. Everything I was doing to my hair was ALL WRONG !!!!! With that being said, I’m am taking the initiative now and starting to take BETTER care of my hair 😃 I’m excited to go on this hair journey and by July 20th 2013 I plan to have my hair at mid back length lord willing !!!! 🙏🙌😃 I plan to stick to my hair regimen and achieve my goal that I have for my hair !!!

The “Big Chop” :(

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